Portrait de Sylvia Gobbel

Sylvia Gobbel was born in Vienna, Austria and studied first year of law, when she was discovered by a model agent in Vienna's tramway.
After a few months a very important model agency (Marylin) made her come to Paris. Helmut Newton chose her as his favorite model and put her on the cover of his book of "Big Nudes". That made her carrier start in a very short time and she had the chance to work with big photographers like Guy Bourdin, Gianpaolo Barbieri, Oliviero Toscani, Peter Lindbergh, etc.......for the best fashion magazines, like Vogue, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Marie-Claire and many others.
Sylvia had the chance to travel and work in New York, Los Angeles, London, Milan, Rome, Germany. Speaking fluently German, English and French made work on the international market easier.
Sylvia is still living in Paris and you can reach her over her agent: womenmodels (Martine Poron)

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